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PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) is a 100% natural rejuvenation treatment that uses your own blood to reverse aging. The platelets work by stimulating the skin’s production of collagen and healing old skin tissue, giving you a tighter, brighter, healthier look.

Take Years Off… Naturally!

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PRF uses your own cells to regenerate your skin. This is a 100% natural option that works better than synthetic alternatives. Combine this powerful anti-aging procedure with treatments such as microneedling or fillers to enhance your results, or inject into the scalp to trigger hair growth.

About PRF


During this treatment, a small vial of blood is taken from your arm, then the tube of blood is spun in a centrifuge machine to separate the red blood cells from everything else. Once the centrifugation is complete, the top layer of the tube’s content is collected. This layer is composed of your very own platelets and white blood cells – two important producers of growth factors that are essential to the rejuvenation process.


This plasma plays an important role in the ultimate blood concentration and is used to keep blood cells more active, allowing for a longer, slower and more durable release of growth factors to regenerate your skin.

PRF Treatment Richmond Hill

Platelet-Rich Fibrin FAQ

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What is PRF?

EZPRF is an autologous blood concentrate, 100% natural, free of additives and chemicals, and packed with powerful cells for skin rejuvenation purposes. EZPRF produces Platelet-Rich Fibrin from your own whole blood sample.

How does PRF work?

By isolating your own regenerative cells using a slow and short centrifugation process. These cells will then be used for skin improvement purposes.

Why is PRF better than traditional PRP?

This second-generation concentrate doesn’t require the use of any additive nor anti-coagulant to unlock our body’s natural healing properties. It uses the latest technologies to maximize natural body response without damaging its environment.

What are the results of PRF?

A concentrate richer in platelets and longer-lasting growth factors for maximum stimulation and best results!

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