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BeetTan Spray Tan

Say goodbye to the sun’s harmful rays, and say hello to your new, healthy glow! BeetTan is a universal, plant-based solution which is made from beets. The sugar from beets reacts with your skin to turn it the color your skin would naturally tan – never orange! Best of all, BeetTan natural spray solutions are free from fragrance and all harmful chemicals.

Sunless, Safe Tanning


BeetTan is an all-natural and safe alternative to tanning beds or sunbathing. It works by penetrating the top 10-12 layers of your skin to activate your natural color. Each client is sprayed with the same solution, but everyone’s results are different based on how they tan naturally.


BeetTan is committed to delivering an all-natural, healthy glow to every client. That’s why all BeetTan spray tan solutions are free from fragrance and harmful chemicals including parabens and erythrulose, which are commonly found in other major spray tan brands.

spray tan by BEETTAN
BEETTAN products

BeetTan Products


Easy and Glowing Tan

Sunless tanning is the perfect solution for a naturally glowing tan. With BeetTan, you can safely achieve the tan you desire without the sun’s harmful rays. Our tanning lotion can help you gradually reach the skin tone that you desire. Additionally, our formulation does not contain any bronzers and won’t turn your skin orange.


Promotes Youthful Skin

BeetTan lotion is deeply infused with Niacinamide, a skin-restoring formula that keeps your skin looking young and radiant. It also helps minimize pores, even out skin tone, smoothen out fine lines and hydrates.


Tones and Smooths Skin

Naturally derived DHA (beet extract) is combined with caffeine extracts and kukui nut oil to provide deep and intensive hydration that leaves your skin feeling and looking smooth and firm.


Suitable for All Skin Tones

BeetTan is a gradual tanner which helps you achieve the tan you’ve always wanted, regardless of skin tone. It starts light, so you can control the tone by increasing the number of applications until you reach your desired shade.

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